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Zinkers launches SmartStation, an innovative product to buy without getting off the car

The company based in Pedreguer and Barcelona presents SmartSatation, its proposal to transform the service stations into the digital age.

From gas stations to digitized sales centers and services.

This is the step that Zinkers.io wants to achieve, commanded by Óscar Carrió, with SmartStation. “We do not intend to sell machines for the stations, we want to be their operating system and create a quick connection and digital control: an innovative way to manage and increase sales.” With this letter of presentation summarizes Carrió the new product that has emerged this month to the international market with the vocation of transforming the concept of the service stations.

The developers of SmartStation intend to facilitate the management and sale of all products and services of this type of business: from fuel, to electric power, washing, performance for motorcycles, bicycles and vehicles, workshop, collection and Product store. “It is a matter of controlling from a system all the areas of your business in the same environment, which makes it possible to anticipate the trends of the sector: Self-contained cars, shared cars, smart lockers and much more, ‘ explains Óscar Carrió.

SmartStarion is also a commitment to improve the user experience of the service station. You are provided with an app to see the services and make the purchase, ask for invoices, manage everything related to the loyalty card or discounts, consult their history or book an appointment, among many other functions.

The administrator will be able to consult all the information of his business from any place and in real time through an online management platform visible from a screen in web version, mobile and tablet. There are also tools for service station employees, with applications for POS terminals designed to improve speed and efficiency. This technology can be applied to companies of all sizes, notes Carrió, a defender that the digitalization “will increase the benefits” of the sector.

From the first day, SmartStarion is a proposal aimed at the international market with versions in four languages. “Right now we’re a global company. We have stopped seeing the national market as the main to go to find the customer and the target sector, wherever it is, “he says.

SmartStarion’s idea began two years ago, when Zinkers.io saw the opportunity to work on developing innovative proposals to adapt service stations to the digital economy. Its target audiences are business groups that have the need to expand their services, improve control and are thinking of a next extension to self-contained cars or smart lockers. “When we talk about service stations, we stop thinking about gas station to talk about electric charge points, car washes, bicycle stations or shared cars,” explains Óscar Carrió.

Forecast to grow 200% per year

Zinkers.io has two business lines: Digital Transformation Consulting Services and SmartStation. In the last three years it has grown by 25% and in 2018 and 2019 forecast an increase of around 200% per annum. “We are a company that has gained profits in the last four years. Now we are finalising the last round of investment, although we need to get some money “, Admits. Its purpose is to further develop the leading edge technology and to reach agreements with suppliers of solutions applied to the ecosystem of the service stations as supplier companies, bicycle dispensers or electric load points. The company has obtained a Neotec help.

In the other business line of Zinkers.io, digital transformation Consultancy services, the goal is “to help companies to transform themselves digitally thanks to our world-class profiles, such as Ann Hiatt, so that they scale quickly.” Its target audience in this area are medium-sized enterprises that have not yet been transformed or require developments in digital technology projects or connected physical products.

A long entrepreneurial baggage

Oscar Carrió is a superior audiovisual technician with training in business. It is the promoter of several companies among which are coworking the Nau LAB Pedreguer, coworking Knowhere Dénia, Zinkers.io, the social network of gastronomy Foodizen, Grumcamping, an app for users of campsites, and SmartStation.

This entrepreneur saw for 9 years that the development of apps was the future. “Everything arose in Reus, during a visit to the Mobile World Congress. When I met that market, I decided to get full. I founded a company with two more students and then joined other partners. For 4 years we developed more than 300 applications, he says.

Four years ago he returned to the municipality of Alicante de Pedreguer, his hometown, and founded Zinkers.io, a company focused on digital transformation consultancy for medium and large companies. With a staff of eleven people and more than 14 collaborators, it maintains its main headquarters in Coworking La Nau LAB de Pedreguer, also owned by Óscar Carrió, and has an office in Barcelona.

Carrió is the principal partner, CEO and product manager. He has led the development of more than 200 digital projects and has launched more than 500 apps. It is now dedicated to strategic digital transformation consulting and business development. The business has other partners including Ann Hiatt, a veteran of Silicon Valley with 15 years of experience as an executive partner and strategy manager for Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Eric Schmidt (Google) and with experience in innovation and democratization projects. of technologies. Another of the main partners is Germán Caselle, technical manager of development and operation and technology. He has worked as a software engineer leading technological developments for large companies. They participate as executives investors of Monster Iberia and people related to the world of football.

Puedes visitar nuestra nueva web en https://smartstation.io