Notícia de Alicante Plaza Zinkers launches SmartStation, an innovative product to buy without getting off the car The company based in Pedreguer and Barcelona presents SmartSatation, its proposal to transform the service stations into the digital age. From gas stations to digitized sales centers and services. This is the step that Zinkers.io wants to achieve,… Continue reading WE LAUNCH SMARTSTATION


Let’s talk about digital transformation. It is a challenge of digital strategy for the adaptation of your business, product and services, in the culture of the continuous change in the environment of the digital era of the now and the future. It is a transversal change to all the skills and abilities of any consolidated… Continue reading THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION


In Zinkers.io we have always been a company with a vision for the future and with the desire for professional and personal growth. We are a dynamic team, young and experienced to grow your business.   Our goal is to help consolidated companies to be present in the new era of the digital economy. For… Continue reading ZINKERS TRANSFORMS