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How to stand out with your product?
Why do we want the best for you?
Get the best features for your product
More visibility among users
May sales growth scale
Monitoring of all media
Smarter self-service
Real-time, personal and proactive communication
You can communicate in real time in a more personal way
You will get better pro activity among your staff
The technologies and methodologies for your business

Increase sales with your online channel. It is proven that these platforms are the most visited by all those users who want to make their purchases on the internet.

3D Prootype

We created the perfect 3D prototype for your next product that you want to launch to the market. Promote your brand in the best way.


All the features for your app. We quickly materialize your idea so you can test it with your future users. You will have the best technology in the market.


We help you develop your business and product idea, with our work methodology. This way you can win the approval of the clients, since they will be 100% satisfied.


Selling better, is that you reach more potential customers and that you reduce the duration of your sales process. For this reason our web design will be easy to use for users and thus you will be able to achieve a greater reach and better search positioning online.

Hardwaren Design

We design customized products, develop electronic devices and always think about the industrialization of the product to optimize costs. Custom software and own manufacturing. Your idea will be carried out with our experience.


We focus the design on the useful, usable and desirable product for the person who is going to interact to feel satisfied. This way we will achieve the objectives of your business, with the previous investigation, evaluation and data analysis. In addition, with the UI design, we achieve the desired interaction and the digital product that you expect.


The digital solution for the most common problems that may arise in your applications. Avoid unnecessary efforts implementing the iOT with our methodologies and solutions that we offer. Reading and remote control at the moment.

Metrics and Analysis

Medimos, analizamos y documentamos los resultados de tu proyecto digital y todo en una misma plataforma. Optimiza tus esfuerzos usando nuestras herramientas.

Graphic Design

We are experts in graphic design. We study what your needs are, analyze the market (competition) and develop the necessary strategies to show you the best design proposals.

Digital products and projects developed
Mobiles Apss

The best developed system for the application of your business, in addition to the design that best suits your brand line.
Digital freshness to not stay behind.

Integral Design

Are you going to start a new adventure in your business?

At Zinkers we are passionate about challenges, development and design, and we want your brand to have no detail and we offer you the best integral solutions for all your needs:

Web Design, Landing, Own App, UX / UI Design, Market Research, Product Analysis …

Let’s transform your brand together!

Digital Product

We transform your flagship product into a digital product.

You will be at the top of your sector and you will get your customers satisfied, as well as offering new experiences.

Your product will increase sales in your business and you will be able to stand out as you have never done before.

Do not stay behind!

Your CEO more top
product Manager & Owner
Oscar Carrió

CEO and product manager, he has led the development of more than 200 digital projects with more than 500 apps launched on the market, currently focused on strategic consulting of digital transformation and business development.

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    The strategic challenge of a company is not strategic thinking, it is strategic action.



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