In La Liga Fantasy they play with a vision of the future

La Liga Fantasy

Guaranteed fun

The official game of La Liga, Fantasy.

Design and development of the official App, with more than 2.5 million registered users. With this game you can access the best football fantasy in the world, be up to date with the latest news and statistics of your favorite players. Use your smartphone to manage your computer from anywhere with your smartphone.

Design of the official game with customized design and adapted to all the public, so that they enjoy a new experience with maximum efficiency and performance.


Our challenge is always to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction, experience and usability of both the client and the end user. That is why we have developed together with La Liga, the best fantasy, with which you can feel like a manager more.

We want you to live football as if you were part of it in an interactive way but as real as possible.

The game

La Liga Fantasy

Juego oficial

Professional Football League

Personalized design 100%
Effectiveness 87%
Comfort 90%
Quality 96%


We have developed the entire application ecosystem to meet the needs of its customers, as well as the users of the washing machines.

The project has been created with native technology.


Adapted for all systems.


Enjoy and entertain


This is how we have improved the quality and usability of Istobal’s pioneering industrial washing system for vehicles.

The end user can live a new experience and without getting out of the car.


Play online

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La Liga
We have been working with Zinkers for a long time with the launch of very complex new apps, and by seeking the best user experience together with the right technology, they make it a perfect partner. that they are always operational to facilitate the work.
Daniel Vicente
Estrategia Digital

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