Haulap, the safest way to make your shipments


A 360º trip

Haulap comes to the market to take advantage of and make profitable all that energy we use to make our daily or periodic trips.

Taking advantage of the displacement of any user, we have developed an ecosystem, to be able to send a package, a gift or any object that the client needs to take to another place.

But we have gone further and the app can also work in reverse.

With Haulap we assure you that you will be able to earn or make the trip more profitable, facilitating the user his shipments and being able to reduce travel costs.

We have created the Haulap app’s so that the end user can access all the shipping information wherever it is.

Our client tells us his idea and together we develop it so that the flow is the sought and necessary in the new digital era.


Our challenge has been that Haulap can make the most of its digital ecosystem.

Always the important thing is that the objectives set in the first working sessions, are developed towards a better product and thus be able to maintain its product and service to the last in the digital transformation.

Send and receive


Get it at the moment

The best delivery and shipping app

Personalized design 100%
Effectiveness 87%
Comfort 90%
Quality 96%


We have developed the entire application ecosystem to meet the needs of its customers, as well as the users of the washing machines.

The project has been created with native technology.


Personalized design.


To make it easier for users to send and deliver.


The customer satisfied with the result of his innovative product and with thousands of demands from the first moment of the launch.

And with a UX and UI design without overlooking any detail.


The best app in the market to receive and send packages to all destinations.

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