The importance of this new business model.

What is a startup?

A Startup is a great company in its early stage; Unlike an SME, Startup is based on a business that will be scalable faster and easier, making use of digital technologies. 

Is about business with innovative ideas, that stand out in the market supported by new technologies.

Where its design and marketing are completely customer-oriented. 

This structure tends to operate with minimal costs, but gains that grow exponentially, maintains a continuous and open communication with customers, and is oriented to the overcrowding of sales.

Startup with business model or not?

Yes, if you want to grow and get your startup project to have a future.

You must create a business model with all the pros and cons, so that you have a future and make sure you have a great success.

It is important to note that you have to create a business model with all the pros and cons, so you can go ahead and have a great success.

We help you launch your startup to the digital market, but before we ask you a few questions to analyze what your current situation:

Have you had a novel idea?

It is important to note that you have to create a business model with all the pros and cons, so you can go ahead and have a great success.

Have you launched and want to have a good digital strategy? 

Do you want to fulfill all your goals? 

Do you need to reach your target audience and don’t know where to start?

If the answer to these questions is affirmative, then we invite you to continue reading, we assure you a constant and real success.

1-Launches the first version with the help of professionals, as soon as possible

Publish your project as soon as possible to measure and analyze what the user/client needs, do not waste time in changes and improvements, as it will be the user experience that will guide you to get the product you need to achieve success.

The first impressions of the same, are the ones that account and with them you will be able to greatly improve your startup.


You need to be present in the network and reach thousands of users in the first days.

The perfect technique is to create a digital and marketing strategy, to create the desired expectation, before you have the Web or the app finished.

We can provide you with the ideal tools to achieve it.


If you analyze it once put into operation, will make you see factors before the thought and that insurance had gone unnoticed and without waiting, you will turn the business model, because you want to give a unique experience to the user and thus get great benefi CIOs.


Think about the users and solve their problems, so you get them to become customers. That’s our flow and what we all have to do.

But for this you must have your employees happy and grateful, so that the entire network of work flows smoothly.


To win you need to know which team you want to train.

looks for employees who are better than you and who dominate the points where you have gaps.

creates an internal strategy, in which we can help you.

Then we put as an example one of our last releases.
We have accompanied them from the minute one and it has been a journey full of new experiences and a lot of growth.

Haulap, a trip of 360º.

Business of the future and the present.