10 Tips you should
Overcome to enter the DIGITAL age

The 4.0 era is advancing at high speed and we recommend that you do it with her.

Industry 4.0 is where you should know how to choose the right partner, who knows the sector and has the experience to accompany you in your digital transformation, with new technologies and that gives you the opportunity to reach your full potential and your company or Business.

In Zinkers.io we know what we are talking about and we like to share all our knowledge with you, so we are going to give you our first 10 tips to start implementing them in your company.

You’ll see how these are the changes your business was waiting for!


Look for the best disruptive change for the company. A disruptive change is one that makes your product the most innovative in the market.

What is your flagship product? Identify it and make the digital difference on it.

“Elvis Presley was a disruptive to contemporary music”

Idea! It breaks barriers and leads with the CEO and enhances the use of the digital channel.



Understand your customers, they are the most important. They are the center of everything. Know their needs and ask them what they demand. But we already anticipate that what they are looking for is personalization, new experiences, immediacy and excellence.

Do not forget to surprise them and create real feedback to always count on you.



Define your digital and integrated strategy. Find the way you want to go, when you have defined and well designed, then create the digital and global Strategy, which provides all the technology of your company:

  • The knowledge of each person on your team is truly important. It explodes and highlights those little heads that are waiting to grow and develop their best versions. Do not forget any area of the staff that understands your company, each of them is essential for this change.
  • The model of industry by which you define yourself.
  • The flexibility that you are willing to reach and the agility, in order to create a roadmap that will help you to start the transformation.



Parallel development plans. Analyze the level of maturity of the industry of your business, to know where to fit into the industry 4.0. Find out what process you are in and design the digital transformation with a future vision, but always in the short and medium term, so that you can extract and benefit from greater benefits.

Define What role you should play and what the value proposition is in the new digital context.



Work slow. Yes, you read it well, the haste you know they never take us anywhere. So to guarantee the success of the digital transformation within your company, a good strategy, is to start with a pilot project, to be able to see how it develops, what are the errors which can denote and also communicate the benefits reached.

Put all the confidence, both yours and your team, in the project and make the start to test and see the achievements of it.



Be the first person engaged. For working people to commit to change, you must be the first to make it clear that you have changed your way of working and communicating with them.

Involved from the beginning in the digital transformation, giving them the tools they need, so that they acquire the desired skills and can adapt to change with you as a traveling companion.



Creates real spaces. Don’t be afraid of the flow of knowledge that you can find with change. To do this, it promotes real spaces for creativity, innovation and the flow of knowledge.

It is really fundamental to boost the capacities of the people of your team and to help them to strengthen their talent, through the transformation of the business, thanks to the new technologies.



It involves all people in the same direction. From the directive, to the operative persons. All should be involved in the project and act in the same direction, only so you can see the changes in your own business and see the real needs to be competitive and be at the top of the summit.

The roles are very important, but they are horizontal and transparent.



Communication 100%. If you don’t want to lose money, communicate the goals of digital transformation, the benefits achieved with your first steps made and create and secure bidirectional communication channels with the whole team. So they will feel integrated at all times and will be able to fight for the project just like you do.



Ask and get help. Being aware that at some point you will need help to take full advantage of the potential of existing technology is not at all something negative, but is the most viable option to start the path of the transformation of your business and yourself.

Transgressive people are needed in front of the conventional business and connected with the startup world, which we will talk about in our upcoming entries.

In Zinkers.io we can help you to make this jump so important, also we will always accompany you, so that at all times live and know from within your own project.

It transforms from within and opens a new path between the traditional business, the new digital business and the future.

Be faster than your competition and implement these 10 free digital transformation Tips!

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